TEACHERS for Hullzapoppin' 2018

Featuring a truly International teacher line up from the USA, Singapore, France, Australia, Israel and the UK including (and in no particular order)...

Sinclair Ang

Sinclair has been a leading figure in the Lindy Hop and Swing Dance community in Singapore and Asia for several years now. In addition to teaching both adult and children's classes regularly since 2001, he has also worked with special groups, including youths at risk, and the hearing impaired.

He is also known internationally, having taught at numerous workshops and camps across Europe, Australia, and Asia over the years. He is currently focused on helping the fledgling Swing Dancing scenes in Asia grow.

Jingy Heng

Jingyi Heng is a passionate lindy hopper who believes in the joy and spontaneity of Lindy Hop. Trained originally in ballet from a young age, she began swing dancing in 2011 and has never looked back since. Based in Singapore, she teaches Lindy Hop regularly and has performed at a number of local and overseas Lindy Hop festivals, including Korea Lindy Hop Championships (South Korea).

She has also won several competitions at events, including Provence Swing Festival, Hong Kong Swing Festival, and SEA Jam. Jingyi continues to travel for Lindy Hop, always seeking new inspiration to bring back to the local community.

Jim and Nicky

Jim and Nicky have been teaching classes in Lindy Hop, and their speciality, the collegiate shag on a weekly basis in Gloucestershire for, to put it politely, more than quite a long time now. Nicky started swing dancing 20 years ago, and since then she has taught dance all over Gloucestershire to both adults and children in numerous schools and colleges.

She is a qualified Gloucestershire dance leader and has an ability to reach people of all ages with her upbeat sense of humour and style. Jim is a protege of the great "Big Ron" Leslie and he has a natural ability to feel the soul of the music. They've been teaching Jive, Lindy Hop and Shag together for 10 years, at various schools, colleges, dance societies and the dance camp "Jumping at the Woodside" as well as at the mighty Twinwood festival.

Katie Cobalt and Fred Mac Leod

Despite her anomalous American accent, Katie Cobalt originally comes from Hong Kong where she first started her Lindy Hop journey in 2013. Now based in London she teaches weekly with Swing Patrol and has taught students all over Europe, triple stepping from Brighton to Holland. She holds first place titles from London Throwdown, Hong Kong Swing Festival and Swingin' Spring in Sweden. She is known for her infectious smile and bubbly personality. It was the joy and playful energythat made Katie fall head over heels for Lindy Hop and this enthusiasm comes across in her classes. She is a firm believer in getting the fundamentals right and deeply enjoys getting thoroughly nerdy with her students. You can find out more on her website, or follow her adventures in Lindy Hop and love of great selfie lighting on instagram.

By the age of 9 Fred Mac Leod was already training and competing in Bugg, a Scandinavian swing dance which is highly influenced by the American Lindy Hop. He started in a small Swedish town but after 11 long years he qualified for the Swedish Masters Level. He moved to London in 2009 and when he couldn't find any Bugg he was forced to pick up some new steps, so he turned to Lindy Hop. It was all the way to Tripplestep town and there was no turning back. Today Fred teaches, performs and adores social dancing in every corner of the world.

Trisha Sewell

Trisha has been on the international scene since 2003, and is one of the most influential teachers within the UK. Her experience and tenacity have helped her to push the boundaries in everything that she does and she doesn't give up until its right! Her speciality is ensuring that class material is balanced for followers and she has an eye for detail to see and understand what needs to be done to make things work better and for the dance to look as authentic as it can.
She communicates clearly and makes the most complex of ideas and patterns simple so that students really understand how it should look and feel. Trisha has a natural flair, unique touch and very distinctive style on the dance floor... her focus is to recreate the look of the original dancers of the Lindy Hop, mixed with providing followers with technique as well as musicality. Her experience of Tap helps others to understand Rhythms and how to improvise within the dance, but on top of this she has also had formal training in ballet, contemporary Jazz, Tap and musical theatre since the age of 5 years old.
She has 15 years of experience in Lindy Hop, Blues, 20's Charleston, Authentic Jazz movement, Black Bottom, Balboa, Jive and Salsa, and is credited as having spearheaded the revival of authentic Jazz within the UK. She has also trained some of the UKs newest teachers and was the artistic director and choreographer for the UKs leading performance group Swing Attack. Trisha has a very positive and forward thinking approach to life and her wide experiences enable her to achieve anything despite the challenges that are set ahead of her, all of which make her a joy to be taught by!

Kevin St.Laurent

Kevin St. Laurent is internationally recognized for his energy and innovation as a Lindy Hop dancer, instructor, performer and choreographer.. His creativity on the dance floor stems from a command of musicality and partner connection, features of his dance that make him such an engaging performer, and his priorities in both improvisation and choreography.

As an instructor, he concentrates on the technique of these elements at all levels, teaching his students the ability to adapt the style of their dance to that of the music and to create a dynamic dance with their partner. Kevin's energy and focus on fun are a constant backdrop to all of his work. (idance.net, 2018)

Lee Meidan

Lee Meidan, originally from Tel Aviv and nowadays based in Madrid, started dancing at the age of 18. She's played jazz and swing music on the saxophone all of her life, and loves performing and being on stage doing theatre shows, gymnastics and more. Lindy Hop for her is the perfect combinations of all the things she loves.
Lee is very passionate about the social aspect of the dance - the conversation between two people and the music, and the magical things that can happen in that space. She travels around Europe teaching, learning and competing as her passion grows and deepens.

Cat Foley

Since gracing the teachers line up of Hullzapoppin's I and II, Cat has been travelling the world winning all sorts of stuff (such as the EuroStar Award at European Swing Dance Championships 2012, 1st Place in Crazy Swing Weekend Barcelona Jack and Jill 2012, 3rd Place in Dragon Swing Krakow Jack and Jill 2012 and 3rd Place in London Swing Festival Fast and Furious Contest.
Also doing all manner of other incredible things, not least of which include kickstarting Lindy in her home town of Liverpool, a hitherto Lindyless wasteland. Which are just a few of the reasons why we're a bit chuffed to have her back again at Hullzapoppin' yet again. Go, Cat!

Cam Mitchell

Cam Mitchell is one of the most energetic and playful Lindy Hoppers to come out of Australia, and was lucky enough to find Lindy Hop in 2001. With a strong passion for the social dance floor, Cam is constantly challenging himself (and his partner) for innovation and creativity and is always excited to see what comes out of the next dance.
Cam has taught all over his native land Australia and across the world including workshops and classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Norway, Edinburgh, The Netherlands and Portugal. He places a strong focus on social dancing, rhythm, creativity and history (and of course fun!) in all his classes and is bound to leave an impression!

Scott Cupit

While travelling in America with his brother, Scott stumbled upon Swing dancing. He was instantly drawn to the energy of the dance, the music and the people. Scott made a New Year's resolution to learn how to swing dance. Soon after, he began teaching classes and things took off from there.
Along with his business partner Claudia, he started Swing Patrol, often called the world's largest swing dancing school. Scott's love for swing dancing was contagious - his classes grew from 23 people on the first night to over 200 people after eight weeks. Fifteen years later Swing Patrol run weekly classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Berlin and London. Scott moved to London in 2009 to open Swing Patrol London which now has over 900 students a week through its many venues and weekly social dances.
In 2009 Scott gained an amazing amount of media attention with his interactive and swinging hour on the "empty Plinth" in Trafalgar Square. Voted one of the top ten hours of the whole project by the Evening Standard Scott bought 100 of his London dancers to be involved and the footage is spectacular. The story gained global attention with articles popping up in Texas, all over Australia, Germany and Britain. Even the Fiji Times ran a story.
Scott still teaches weekly classes as well as running the business. He is often invited to teach abroad and at local scenes around the UK. After 15 years he still thinks he has the best job in the world.

Michaela Delmonte

Michaela is loved and admired throughout the London swing dance scene for her great teaching, brilliant dancing and calm and nurturing spirit. You will often see her flying through the air as one of London's strongest aerialists or teaching the skill to others at an aerials workshop.
She coaches the Skyliners alongside Ben Cook and is a member of the all-girls performance troupe the Dixie Dinahs. Michaela teaches for Swing Patrol at Brixton Hill and at Brixton Bounce and proudly says she has "the best students in the world". Michaela and Scotty will join forces to deliver some dynamic classes at Hullzapoppin'.

Mel and Jo Calanglang

This year, Mel and Jo will be providing several Balboa and Bal-Swing taster classes throughout the weekend so remember to take in AT LEAST ONE of these and you won't be disappointed.

They are dance enthusiasts who dedicate their time to encourage swing dancing in the United Kingdom. Being familiar with lindy hop and blues, their current passion is mastering Balboa and Bal-Swing - a journey of continuous learning.

They started salsa dancing in Singapore and after moving to the United Kingdom in 2000 began their journey in swing dancing. After dancing lindy hop, charleston and blues for several years they then fell in love with Balboa and became dedicated to learning this dance from 2008. However, they still love and continue dancing all styles to this day. Jo has been athletic since she was a teenager and currently holds a brown belt in Xen-Do Martial Arts. Mel, who also accomplished medals in various sports, was a break-dancer and a DJ in his younger years.

From this personal experience, they apply the techniques of physical motion to help them understand and master the nature of dance movement. Currently, you can find them social dancing and competing at various events across Europe and the United States. They also teach Balboa/Bal-swing and facilitate pilot sessions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Their "down-to-earth" and positive attitude helps to make the classes they teach not only informative but also very enjoyable. Mel still continues his love for music as a DJ and emcee at dance events across Europe and the United States. Their aspirations to be balboa ambassadors stems from their drive to continuously learn and share the passion and knowledge of dance to enthusiasts alike.

Arrianne O'Shea

Arrianne O'Shea is one of the leading aerialists in London often impressing crowds with her aerial skills. Last year Arrianne performed aerials in front of Norma Miller at the Hippodrome, on Good Morning Britain ITV and then for David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.
As part of the high flying Brat Pack Arrianne loves teaching others how to fly and also can be found teaching beginner classes for Swing Patrol around London. A great easy going person who will out drink and out wit you if you turn your back! Arrianne is excited about coming back to Hull.

Hugo Marty

Hugo's early years are marked by the mind-opening lifestyle of his family's circus, travelling all around the globe, living in a caravan, and listening to musicians from all around the world. It also gave him a strong taste for performance and choreography, but most of all it developed his 'workaholic' mindset. More than anything, he loves to practise and improve himself, one of the things he tries to inspire his students to do.
He first danced traditional french dances for a short period and looked for more challenging dances before falling in love for Lindy Hop, the acrobatic and athletic side of the dance is an instant catch for him. From the day he started Lindy Hopping, Hugo never stopped practising, watching, listening, learning, always learning. He loves the infinite creative possibilities of Lindy Hop and thrives mastering and choreographing showcases, but improvisation and social dancing is what keeps him dancing all night long in every swing venue he can reach.
He is now completely dedicated to the dance and is an active character of the Parisian scene, teaching and sharing in his school in Paris or during workshops abroad.


Melanie started classical dancing at the age of 7, at 16 she got into an intensive dance school where she also learns Jazz, contemporary, and tap dance. At the age of 18 she decided to pursue dancing as her main career and started 5 years at dance schools in Grenoble, Rouen and Paris where she specialised in Jazz dance. During this periods she learns about everything from anatomy, music, history of dance, mouvement study, and pedagogy to obtain her State Diploma in 2011. It's during these History classes that she first hears about this dance called Lindy Hop.
Curious, she started learning it with the association Grenoble Swing. The Joy, the mood, the music instantly took her under the charm and pushed her to learn everything she could about this dance doing workshops everywhere in the world as much as she could. Then she started teaching it alongside classical and Jazz, until she decided to set Lindy Hop as her main dance.
She created and taught many years in Paris' biggest swing dance school, her goal is now to keep inspiring as many students as she can by performing her well known showcases and teaching the best quality classes possible together with her partner Hugo Marty.