For 2023 we are featuring a truly International teacher line up from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands, including, (in no particular order...) [last update 28-05-2023]

Sinclair Ang

Sinclair has been a leading figure in the Lindy Hop and Swing Dance community in Singapore and Asia for several years now. In addition to teaching both adult and children's classes regularly since 2001, he has also worked with special groups, including youths at risk, and the hearing impaired.

He is also known internationally, having taught at numerous workshops and camps across Europe, Australia, and Asia over the years. He is currently focused on helping the fledgling Swing Dancing scenes in Asia grow.

Tatiana Udry

Today, Tatiana Udry is a swing star, she has many titles in Solo Charleston, Jazz Roots and Blues and Lindy Hop, and Tatiana is known for her endless energy, flexibility and captivating charisma.

Sure, you can not stop looking at her! Her movement is happy, with positive energy and unique style, and with creativity, playfulness and lots of energy, she will help your jazz solo reach a new level!

Trisha Sewell

Trisha has been on the international scene since 2003, and is one of the most influential teachers within the UK. Her experience and tenacity have helped her to push the boundaries in everything that she does and she doesn't give up until its right! Her speciality is ensuring that class material is balanced for followers and she has an eye for detail to see and understand what needs to be done to make things work better and for the dance to look as authentic as it can.

She communicates clearly and makes the most complex of ideas and patterns simple so that students really understand how it should look and feel. Trisha has a natural flair, unique touch and very distinctive style on the dance floor... her focus is to recreate the look of the original dancers of the Lindy Hop, mixed with providing followers with technique as well as musicality. Her experience of Tap helps others to understand Rhythms and how to improvise within the dance, but on top of this she has also had formal training in ballet, contemporary Jazz, Tap and musical theatre since the age of 5 years old.

She has more than 15 years of experience in Lindy Hop, Blues, 20's Charleston, Authentic Jazz movement, Black Bottom, Balboa, Jive and Salsa, and is credited as having spearheaded the revival of authentic Jazz within the UK. She has also trained some of the UKs newest teachers and was the artistic director and choreographer for the UKs leading performance group Swing Attack. Trisha has a very positive and forward thinking approach to life and her wide experiences enable her to achieve anything despite the challenges that are set ahead of her, all of which make her a joy to be taught by!

Cat Foley

Since gracing the teachers line up of Hullzapoppin's I and II, Cat has been travelling the world winning all sorts of stuff (such as the EuroStar Award at European Swing Dance Championships 2012, 1st Place in Crazy Swing Weekend Barcelona Jack and Jill 2012, 3rd Place in Dragon Swing Krakow Jack and Jill 2012 and 3rd Place in London Swing Festival Fast and Furious Contest.

Also doing all manner of other incredible things, not least of which include kickstarting Lindy in her home town of Liverpool, a hitherto Lindyless wasteland. Which are just a few of the reasons why we're a bit chuffed to have her back again at Hullzapoppin' yet again. Go, Cat!

Cam Mitchell

Cam Mitchell is one of the most energetic and playful Lindy Hoppers to come out of Australia, and was lucky enough to find Lindy Hop in 2001. With a strong passion for the social dance floor, Cam is constantly challenging himself (and his partner) for innovation and creativity and is always excited to see what comes out of the next dance.

Cam has taught all over his native land Australia and across the world including workshops and classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Norway, Edinburgh, The Netherlands and Portugal. He places a strong focus on social dancing, rhythm, creativity and history (and of course fun!) in all his classes and is bound to leave an impression!

Hugo Marty

Hugo grew up in the famous French Horse circus troupe family "Zingaro", and was exposed to artistic discipline from a very young age. Partner dancing is his calling, especially Lindy Hop, which he loves mostly for its improvisation, connection, music and athleticism.

He competes and wins a lot in many of the most prestigious events ( Snowball and ILHC to name but two... ) and teaching has become a passion; he has now been travelling all around Europe for more than 10 years to teach and share his vision of dancing.


Théodora  says of herself, "As far as I can remember, I always danced. After few a few steps of Modern Jazz, I started Ballet dancing at 7 years old, and it was the rhythm of my life for 9 years.

I discovered Lindy Hop in London, it very quickly became a real passion, thanks to its history and its musical world!"

Javier Santos

Javier Santos is really fond of teaching about the rhythm of the swing, the feelings of each song, about being yourself dancing, and about doing all this without losing "flow" with your partner.

He has been collecting all kind of exercises, routines and moves that can encourage mutual listening and help with feeling comfortable without having to do something special while you dance. After finishing the stage of co-director and teacher at the mythical EnModoSwing school in Madrid, he currently teaches at two schools in Mallorca, and in workshops in the peninsula and outside of Spain.

He has been awarded the first prize in "100 swing-outs on ice competition" and second prize in "Balboa only slow-motion competition".

Sarah Wastiaux

Sarah discovered Lindyhopin' when she ended up at a Lindyhop party by accident... and never left the dancefloor!

She started teaching Lindyhop in 2011 and she has been active promoting the swingscene in Amsterdam, running swingdance school Lindy Spirit and festival Smokey Feet. What mostly attracts her in Lindyhop is the interaction with the music and her partner, connection, rhythm and playfullness.

Originally from Amsterdam, but now based in Valencia, Spain, she combines teaching Lindyhop, Authentic Jazz and Balboa with her work in primary education.

Roser Ros

Roser Ros is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches Lindy Hop, aerials and Solo Jazz in some of the most important Lindy Hop events in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona.

Outside of Europe, she taught in Taiwan, Japan, Reunion Island and Canada.Roser started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old, and later entered the world of circus. She had been learning different types of dance all this time, until in 2011 she discovered Lindy hop, and has been unable to leave ever since. She has a background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, and education.

Before becoming a professional dancer, she was a primary school teacher specialized in physical education. Roser is a great fast swing dancer. She dances with an energetic and precise style. She's handy with dips and tricks, and aerials. As a choreographer she has worked for dance groups, music groups, artists, and videos.

Marcos Leon

Marcos Leon is a jazz dancer, he works as a swing teacher in Zaragoza (Spain) and at national and international festivals and workshops as a facilitator/teacher. He has been dancing since 2012 and teaching for 7 years.

As a jazz culture enthusiast, he focuses his dancing in lindy hop, solo jazz and tap dance, trying to respect the roots and the values of vernacular jazz. As a growing partnership, dancing together as well as in their classes, Roser and Marcos emphasize rhythm, communication and self expression, always in a jazz culture context.

Jeff Tong

Known for his enthusiastic, energetic and cheery nature, Jeff welcomes his students to embrace their individuality and brings out their inner creativity. He teaches weekly across London, hold classes internationally, and champions the idea of gender neutral dancing from grass roots level, intermediate workshops, and open the minds of seasoned dancers.

His ethos of that people should "dance however they like, whatever role they like" means he has a real passion for nurturing people to the best of their abilities. He was also part of the award winning performance troupe, Brat Pack, both dancing as a Leader and a Follower, and is the lead teacher of the Swing Dance troupe, Stomp Squad.

Marco Mazza

Marco was born and bred in Italy and that is where his Lindy Hop journey began. The joy of the music and its infectious freedom of expression was impossible to deny. Marco's passion for Lindy has seen him "hop" across Europe, training under inspirational international teachers and soaking up the experience of dancing in several swing festivals.

Marco has had the pleasure to dance in prestigious venues across London including the Royal Albert Hall. He has helped establish Lindy Hop communities from London to Las Palmas.

Corina Kwami

A Fireside Discussion: 'Storytelling Across Music, Dance & Identity'

We're incredibly excited to welcome Corina Kwami to talk about:
  • The role of storytelling and reflection on identity in the swing scene
  • The importance of oral history and 'social art forms'
  • The process of passing on art forms and perspectives on power
  • Global differences and local origins
  • And much more!
Described as a "modern Renaissance woman" and 'Queen of Storytelling, Corina Kwami' - Jazz in Europe, Corina Kwami is a musician, scientist and storyteller on stage and screen. She has performed in countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia with her projects (Corina Kwami Quartet, Jazz Age Dance Bands and Pangea), a featured musician with projects such as Wildcard, recently lauded at the Royal Albert Hall "Corina Kwami brings her infectious energy to the center stage"- Jazzwise and well sought after MC and host! Born in New Jersey, USA, to a Ghanaian and Irish family, her inspiration in jazz is flavoured with influences such as stride piano, West African high-life, Irish folk music to and soul. She is motivated by the story-telling power of jazz and its potential for connecting people across cultures.

From Gatsby Age to Ellington, from Basie to the Jazz Messengers, Corina Kwami & the Swing Selection' have dazzled international festivals (Berlin Solo Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, Nighthawks, Cambridge Lindy Exchange, Swingfest) and London's dance scenes alike. An accomplished dancer herself, she is at home with solo jazz, tap and swing dances - blending rhythms routed in movement and story-telling.

Corina's extended work also includes contributions from the arts to innovation, future cities and sustainability. As a recognized thought leader with a PhD, she has deepened pedagogy in bridging the arts and sciences in order to facilitate exchanges between these worlds. You can see her face on series for the Discovery Channel and Science Channel. She lives in London.