TEACHERS for Hullzapoppin' 2017

Featuring a truly International teacher line up from the USA, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and the UK including (and in no particular order)...

Sinclair Ang

Sinclair has been a leading figure in the Lindy Hop and Swing Dance community in Singapore and Asia for several years now. In addition to teaching both adult and children's classes regularly since 2001, he has also worked with special groups, including youths at risk, and the hearing impaired.

He is also known internationally, having taught at numerous workshops and camps across Europe, Australia, and Asia over the years. He is currently focused on helping the fledgling Swing Dancing scenes in Asia grow.

Jim and Nicky

Jim and Nicky have been teaching classes in Lindy Hop, and their speciality, the collegiate shag on a weekly basis in Gloucestershire for, to put it politely, more than quite a long time now. Nicky started swing dancing 20 years ago, and since then she has taught dance all over Gloucestershire to both adults and children in numerous schools and colleges.

She is a qualified Gloucestershire dance leader and has an ability to reach people of all ages with her upbeat sense of humour and style. Jim is a protege of the great "Big Ron" Leslie and he has a natural ability to feel the soul of the music. They've been teaching Jive, Lindy Hop and Shag together for 10 years, at various schools, colleges, dance societies and the dance camp "Jumping at the Woodside" as well as at the mighty Twinwood festival.

Trisha Sewell

Trisha has been on the international scene since 2003, and is one of the most influential teachers within the UK. Her experience and tenacity have helped her to push the boundaries in everything that she does and she doesn't give up until its right! Her speciality is ensuring that class material is balanced for followers and she has an eye for detail to see and understand what needs to be done to make things work better and for the dance to look as authentic as it can.
She communicates clearly and makes the most complex of ideas and patterns simple so that students really understand how it should look and feel. Trisha has a natural flair, unique touch and very distinctive style on the dance floor... her focus is to recreate the look of the original dancers of the Lindy Hop, mixed with providing followers with technique as well as musicality. Her experience of Tap helps others to understand Rhythms and how to improvise within the dance, but on top of this she has also had formal training in ballet, contemporary Jazz, Tap and musical theatre since the age of 5 years old.
She has 14 years of experience in Lindy Hop, Blues, 20's Charleston, Authentic Jazz movement, Black Bottom, Balboa, Jive and Salsa, and is credited as having spearheaded the revival of authentic Jazz within the UK. She has also trained some of the UKs newest teachers and was the artistic director and choreographer for the UKs leading performance group Swing Attack. Trisha has a very positive and forward thinking approach to life and her wide experiences enable her to achieve anything despite the challenges that are set ahead of her, all of which make her a joy to be taught by!

Cat Foley

Since gracing the teachers line up of Hullzapoppin's I and II, Cat has been travelling the world winning all sorts of stuff (such as the EuroStar Award at European Swing Dance Championships 2012, 1st Place in Crazy Swing Weekend Barcelona Jack and Jill 2012, 3rd Place in Dragon Swing Krakow Jack and Jill 2012 and 3rd Place in London Swing Festival Fast and Furious Contest.
Also doing all manner of other incredible things, not least of which include kickstarting Lindy in her home town of Liverpool, a hitherto Lindyless wasteland. Which are just a few of the reasons why we're a bit chuffed to have her back again at Hullzapoppin' yet again. Go, Cat!

Cam Mitchell

Cam Mitchell is one of the most energetic and playful Lindy Hoppers to come out of Australia, and was lucky enough to find Lindy Hop in 2001. With a strong passion for the social dance floor, Cam is constantly challenging himself (and his partner) for innovation and creativity and is always excited to see what comes out of the next dance.
Cam has taught all over his native land Australia and across the world including workshops and classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Norway, Edinburgh, The Netherlands and Portugal. He places a strong focus on social dancing, rhythm, creativity and history (and of course fun!) in all his classes and is bound to leave an impression!

Mel and Jo Calanglang

Mel and Jo are dance enthusiasts who dedicate their time to encourage swing dancing in the United Kingdom. Being familiar with lindy hop and blues, their current passion is mastering Balboa and Bal-swing - a journey of continuous learning.
They started salsa dancing in Singapore and after moving to the United Kingdom in 2000 began their journey in swing dancing. After dancing lindy hop, charleston and blues for several years they then fell in love with Balboa and became dedicated to learning this dance from 2008. However, they still love and continue dancing all styles to this day. Jo has been athletic since she was a teenager and currently holds a brown belt in Xen-Do Martial Arts. Mel, who also accomplished medals in various sports, was a break-dancer and a DJ in his younger years.
From this personal experience, they apply the techniques of physical motion to help them understand and master the nature of dance movement. Currently, you can find them social dancing and competing at various events across Europe and the United States. They also teach Balboa/Bal-swing and facilitate pilot sessions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Their "down-to-earth" and positive attitude helps to make the classes they teach not only informative but also very enjoyable. Mel still continues his love for music as a DJ and emcee at dance events across Europe and the United States. Their aspirations to be balboa ambassadors stems from their drive to continuously learn and share the passion and knowledge of dance to enthusiasts alike.

Scott Cupit

While travelling in America with his brother, Scott stumbled upon Swing dancing. He was instantly drawn to the energy of the dance, the music and the people. Scott made a New Year's resolution to learn how to swing dance. Soon after, he began teaching classes and things took off from there.
Along with his business partner Claudia, he started Swing Patrol, often called the world's largest swing dancing school. Scott's love for swing dancing was contagious - his classes grew from 23 people on the first night to over 200 people after eight weeks. Fifteen years later Swing Patrol run weekly classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Berlin and London. Scott moved to London in 2009 to open Swing Patrol London which now has over 900 students a week through its many venues and weekly social dances.
In 2009 Scott gained an amazing amount of media attention with his interactive and swinging hour on the "empty Plinth" in Trafalgar Square. Voted one of the top ten hours of the whole project by the Evening Standard Scott bought 100 of his London dancers to be involved and the footage is spectacular. The story gained global attention with articles popping up in Texas, all over Australia, Germany and Britain. Even the Fiji Times ran a story.
Scott still teaches weekly classes as well as running the business. He is often invited to teach abroad and at local scenes around the UK. After 15 years he still thinks he has the best job in the world.

Michaela Delmonte

Michaela is loved and admired throughout the London swing dance scene for her great teaching, brilliant dancing and calm and nurturing spirit. You will often see her flying through the air as one of London's strongest aerialists or teaching the skill to others at an aerials workshop. She coaches the Skyliners alongside Ben Cook and is a member of the all-girls performance troupe the Dixie Dinahs. Michaela teaches for Swing Patrol at Brixton Hill and at Brixton Bounce and proudly says she has "the best students in the world". Michaela and Scotty will join forces to deliver some dynamic classes at Hullzapoppin' 2017.

Zack Richard and Jo Hoffberg

A swing instructor for well over a decade, Zack is the founder and director of Swing ConneXion in Montreal, QC. One of the most versatile dancers around, not only does he excel in swing dances (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Fake Coast Swing) but he's always absorbing dance forms old and new and has lead many teams on the highest steps of podiums worldwide. An international Lindy Hop and Balboa teacher for the best part of ten years, he is a literal tornado of creativity and musicality, praised for his original, fun movement that often breaks out of convention.

Having won many competitions over his career, and taught in most parts of the civilized (and less civilized) world, his vast experience as a teacher will take you to places you didn't think you could go. A multi-talented guy, he has also MC'ed major events such as Balboa on the Promenade and the Rock Swing Boogie Festival. He's been all around the globe, spreading the joy of dancing to everyone who will listen. When he feels like using grown up big words, this jack-of-all-trades is also the author of the Jazz Monkey blog.

Jo Hoffberg is one fancy-pants lady in the lindy hop world today. She holds first place titles from the American Lindy Hop Championships, Canadian Swing Championships, International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships, National Jitterbug Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. Since 2007, Jo has spent her life traveling the world spreading jazz culture through vintage partner dancing and has taught and performed in 25 countries across 5 continents. She teaches vernacular jazz, lindy hop, ladies' only workshops, run teacher training in Europe and the States, as well as a performance/choreography weekend. In 2013, she was on the cover of Swing Magasinet om Swingdans, guest starred at Yehoodi broadcast of ILHC, and was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. She is a passionate and avid dancer, instructor and competitor. When Jo grows up, she wants to be a secret agent and have language skills, survival skills, knife throwing skills, shorthand skills, costuming skills, and the power to read minds. When she is not learning a new skill, she plots to take over the world! After that accomplishment she's not entirely sure what she'll do. Long walks on the beach and cold weather aren't for her, but she does enjoy wearing boots and drinking cups of hot water.

Pontus Persson and Isabella Gregorio

Isabella Gregorio is a well-known international dancer. She teaches and performs around the globe, exhilarating students and audiences of all ages. Isabella is often mentioned as one of the top three followers of the world. Well known for her crazy style and her great expression, her professional career started in Italy 2002, with a quick start of claiming several titles in numerous international competitions as well as teaching across the world together with Vincenzo Fesi.

Pontus Persson has been dancing continuously since he was 5 years old, actively competing (since the age of 6) and started teaching professionally as a 16-year old. After graduating, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 to evolve his dancing, being offered membership of the dance company, Harlem Hot Shots. He has since then been spreading the dance on a full-time basis through shows and competitions, not to mention, teaching.

Peter Grange and Steph Kokay

Steph and Pete are a swing dancing duo who originally hail from New Zealand and have been dancing and teaching together since 2010. Having competed all over New Zealand and Australia, these two Kiwis thought it was time for a challenge, and last year made the move to London. They are both currently employed as swing dance teachers for Swing Patrol London. Steph is a full time Drama teacher during the day, but by night is totally devoted to all things lindy hop. Her love of dance stems from a very young age when she was introduced to solo jazz dancing early on. Since then, Steph has gone on to develop a real passion for swing dancing, teaching and performing. Peter is a structural engineer and loves to chat about concrete when hes not swinging-out on the dance floor. Pete stumbled across swing dancing eight-years ago and has been hooked ever since.

Jessica Lennartsson

Direct from Stockholm, Sweden, Jessica has been passionate about dancing from a very young age. She started to dance the Swedish Bugg in 1990 and moved on to Doublebugg and Boogie Woogie for many years before discovering Lindy Hop and in recent years has also fallen in love with Balboa. Know for her fast and fancy footwork, these days she is an internationally known teacher and performer, and her career at present does not only include Lindy Hop but also Boogie Woogie, Charleston, authentic Jazz and Balboa. Together with Harlem Hot Shots, a collection of professional Swedish dancers who specialise in entertainment authentic to the Swing Era, she has toured all the big stages of Sweden and beyond.

Bobby White and Kate Hedin

Always striving to capture the classic spirit of the original jitterbugs with a modern voice, Bobby and Kate teach Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Collegiate Shag nationally and internationally.
Between them they have championship titles in almost every major Balboa and many major Lindy Hop competitions, including the American Classic Balboa Championships, the International Lindy Hop Championships, the Euro Balboa Cup, the American Lindy Hop Championships, and the Eastern Balboa Championships. Their judging is highly respected and sought-after for events such as the International Lindy Hop Championships and the European Swing Dance Championships.
Both Bobby and Kate are recognized for their engaging teaching; Kate instructs with a thorough, mechanics-based method, while Bobby prefers unique analogies and irk-irk noises. Along with more traditional classes based around moves, variations, and lead/follow technique, Bobby and Kate also enjoy teaching many "alternative education" classes on subjects like partnership, practicing, dancing personality, and developing a unique voice.
At events, Kate is renowned for her DJ skills and competition judging, and Bobby is becoming famous for his entertaining talks. His blog, Swungover, is well-loved in the swing community. They currently throw each other around in Washington, DC and help run the local dance, The Jam Cellar.

Stephen Sayer and Chandrae Roettig

Stephen Sayer is a dancer/instructor who is dedicated to preserving the great American partner jazz dances of the 1920's-1950's. Originally from Dayton, Ohio Steve began dancing in 1998 at the age of 16. Falling in love with lindy hop and other dances of the swing era he travelled to the east and west-coasts to dance, study and learn the different styles of swing dancing, moving in 2005 to Los Angeles where he soon began teaching weekly at Joe's Bar and Grill in Burbank. In 2009 he began competing, winning competitions left right and centre. In 2012 Stephen was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. Today Steve teaches weekly at Madilyn Clark Studios in North Hollywood and has started the California Jubilee performance teams. He is committed to improving and pushing the limits of his own dancing as well as those who take his classes. His focus of connection to partner and music are what makes his dancing and teaching so unique.

After an early career in advanced gymnastics, Chandrae (AKA Chanzie) got her start in contemporary dancing at Dance Vision in Portland, Oregon. It wasn't long before she was granted a scholarship to The Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, and she ultimately graduated their professional program in 2006. Since then she's worked with some of LA's top choreographers in film, television, music and stage. In 2007, Chanzie found her "True Love" in the dance world: Swing Dancing. She is passionate about every vintage style under the umbrella of swing and preserving its history. Winning many national swing dance titles, she along with Stephen Sayer have turned their focus to teaching. Starting 3 performance groups in 2012, together they are sure to bring back Smooth Style Lindy and Collegiate Shag in a big way! Known for her cheerful and playful attitude, Chanzie is a joy to watch, dance with and learn from.

Emelie and Rebecka DecaVita

Emelie and Rebecka, a.k.a The DecaVitas, are currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have been teaching and performing together since 2006 and competing since 2008; as founders of the performance troupe MessAround, hailing from Uppsala, and Savage Rhythm Stockholm, Emelie and Rebecka have years of experience in coaching and choreographing group routines.

Over the years they have placed in several international Lindy Hop competitions and performed in music videos, TV-shows and theater productions. Today they make their living out of dancing and teaching both weekly classes in Stockholm as well as workshops across Sweden and abroad, spending about six months every year on the road. Together they are known for their dynamic and unique dance style. As instructors, Emelie and Rebecka strive to teach great technique in a way that is positive, coherent and productive. They particularly value the art of leading and following, believing that leaders and followers require equal amount of information in the classroom to create the best possible connection on the dance floor.