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Choose carefully...! Please note, booking with a partner (i.e. as a lead/Follow couple) while not essential is highly recommended; we try to get as good a balance as possible between Leads and Follows.

Improver: You've been dancing for six months or so, know the basic six and eight count and Charleston patterns and want to work on improving your basic skills.

Intermediate: You've been dancing for a couple of years and are pretty comfortable with the idea of social dancing, as well as having a few fancy moves and a plethora of jazz steps under your belt, and are interested in honing your technique.

Intermediate Advanced: With three or four years of experience in the bag and all that that entails, you're wowing people on the dance floor but not quite ready to take the plunge into Advanced just yet.

Advanced: Ideally (but not essentially, depending on experience) you've been dancing for five years or more. You've possibly done a spot of teaching yourself and are fearless both on the dance floor and in workshop situations, taking in your stride anything those teachers care to throw at you.

Advanced Plus: Aimed at the high end of Lindy Hoppers, we can assume that you're either teaching in your local scenes on a regular basis and/or competing at events; you've already taken Advanced streams at camps in your stride and are happy to concentrate on the minutia of micro-technique for hours at a time to hone what you already know.

Of benefit to ALL levels of Lindy Hop (and even those with little Lindy experience), Solo Jazz helps to improve the way in which you dance within your own body, refining your overall technique and the quality of your body movement. As well as being heaps of fun and a great way to familiarise yourself with a whole bunch of classic vernacular Jazz steps and fabulous routines!

More of the same but for those with previous Jazz experience, the teachers will be taking no prisoners, so expect to be challenged!.

Two days of aerials workshops? Are we bonkers? Yes! However... whilst requiring a good degree of physical fitness and ideally possessing some prior aerials or gymnastics experience, this stream will not just be a two day punishing regime of move-busting madness (well, it will a bit), but will also incorporate a less punishing modicum of useful exercises for keeping safe, building confidence, landing technique, body awareness and honing performance/jam circle skills. Building on previous year's success we've been told we HAVE to run it again; people that took part reported a feeling of achievement and camaraderie. We will also NOT be rotating partners, so booking with a dedicated (and trusted!) partner is essential. Not for the faint hearted!

All time frames used in these descriptions are approximate. Everybody's experience differs depending on the number of lesson hours plus number of practice hours per week, and the amount of experience at other Swing camps etc etc. People learn at different rates, so the time scales are used as A GUIDELINE ONLY; we don't tend to hold auditions, so we ask that you assess yourself in an honest fashion as to the best level for you. Once you're happy with your decision, we do ask respectfully that you stick to that level come the weekend; for Health and Safety reasons concerning room sizes, we cannot allow level swapping unfortunately.

When you've picked the level/stream you feel suits you best, send us...

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